Everyone who is on the waiting list has been notified. If you registered per post and did not receive any notice yet, than you can be sure that you got a place.

Week Start Date Availability
1 Saturday 17 July 2021 6 on waiting list
2 Saturday 24 July 2021 7 on waiting list
3 Saturday 31 July 2021 9 on waiting list
4 Saturday 7 August 2021 8 on waiting list
5 Saturday 14 August 2021 6 on waiting list
Table last updated on 7 April 2021
View of Obersaxen across the valley
Obersaxen-Valata mit unserem Haus 2021 – auch in der externen BWC-Galerie (passwortgeschützt)

Bergwandercamp: Registration

New or not participated for more than a year?

If you are new or have not participated for more than a year, please send Berthold an email with your postal address (tiliacordata at web.de), and he will send you a registration form by post (see below). Currently there is no facility for online or email registration.

How can I register?

Fill out and sign the form that Berthold sends to you. You will receive a confirmation letter in April requesting payment of the fee. A letter together with the list of participants and with all information necessary for arrival will be sent approximately 4-6 weeks before the start of the holiday. Booking rooms is not possible. Rooms are occupied on a first come, first served basis.

The waiting list

Some weeks are sometimes fully booked within a few days. Berthold first contacts those who did not get a place, and notifies them of their place on the waiting list. Many, if not all, on the waiting list move up and will be offered a place. There are also cancellations at short notice, so that if you are flexible a last minute hiking holiday is a real possibility.